The Alexander Technique: Finding your Backbone


We must all deal with the challenges and vicissitudes that life throws our way.  Sometimes these experiences leave us feeling swept up or lost in a storm of stress, disorientation or injury.  Yet those we admire most have the ability to remain strong and poised, even when faced with fear or chaos.  They have “backbone”, as the saying goes.

​The Alexander Technique teaches us that our strength, resilience and agility lives inside our "backbone” - our spine - where we discover ease and empowerment, and let go of our discomfort or dis-ease.


​Alexander Technique begins with observation of simple, everyday things like sitting, standing and walking.  With time, we begin to see and change our physical habits and sources of tension or strain.  As mind and body become restored and reconnected, we rediscover our body’s confidence and strength.


Whether you are an office worker, 24/7 executive, athlete, performing artist or expectant parent, the Alexander Technique provides people of all ages with the ability to:

  • Increase energy and vitality

  • Manage stress in a more natural and healthy way

  • Alleviate neck, back and joint / muscle pain

  • Rehabilitate or prevent chronic or acute injuries

  • Discover a stronger, more resilient and healthy body that is poised and graceful under pressure

  • Recognize your innate self-confidence and clarity of thought as you take control of your life and your health


Kasia Malec

Montreal / West Island


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