Your journey begins here...

Where are you, and where do you want to be?

The Alexander Technique begins

with meeting a new teacher:

Yourself ...

​Through observation of simple, everyday things

like sitting, standing and walking, 

we begin to see and rediscover ourselves,

as physical habits and sources of

tension or strain are gently left behind.

What remains is vital energy and beauty:

Your Best Self,

radiant with confidence

and strength.

Restorative Stretch
Stretching feels great, when it's done right... 
Remember when you were a child,
and how easy it was to bend and move?
Re-connect with a younger you ...​
Poised Pilates 
How do athletes make feats of
strength and endurance look easy.
Are they stronger or more coordinated?
Maybe you are too.
Find your inner athlete...
Kids and the
Alexander Technique
Give your children a head start,
as they learn to care for the
healthy and happy body they deserve...
Mother's Milk Meditations
Mom ...
Learn to soothe neck, back
and joint soreness that can
come from breast feeding,
holding or picking up baby.
Optimize your overall body use
as you learn to conserve your energy,
and be more present for baby.​..
Dancing Hands: 
Baby Sign Language
Talk and sing with your baby before s/he speaks...
Share the gift of early, non-verbal language
that can improve your little one's mood and
learning confidence, while promoting 
language potential and brain development
through music and sign language.


Kasia Malec

Montreal / West Island


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